Share Butter + Salt at L'atelier du Pain Serie


In September, Grace was represented Butter + Salt at L’atelier du Pain Serie (translation: bread workshop) in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to have Grace be accepted to the program and help her perfect her art of baking bread. 

The L’atelier du Pain Serie was originally a two-day online video streaming where four talented bakers were invited to share and demonstrate different techniques and styles of baking. Grace was one of 30 bakers who were lucky enough to attend the program. Attendees were from all over the world from San Francisco to New Zealand. The bakers had a wide range of backgrounds including some who specialized in whole grain breads, bakers for natural food store, and several bakers who opened their own bakeries. 


On the first day, Grace learned from ACME’s Steve Sullivan. Sullivan worked with white flour bread and taught elegant french baking techniques. Also, she learned from San Francisco Baking Institute’s Miyuki Togi. Togi demonstrated the process of make a 100 percent kamut flour baguette - which Grace claims is the most lovely baguette she’s ever had. On the second day, Dave Miller from Miller’s Bake House demonstrated his process of making whole grain bread with freshly milled flour and Tartine’s Chad Robertson demonstrated making oat porridge bread. 

Although all sessions were wonderful, Grace was especially taken by Miler’s session. Grace became familiar with Miller’s bread and fresh milled flour at the Chico Farmers Market. From his session, she became more confident in experimenting with 100 percent fresh milled flour especially learning about Miller’s trials and errors to perfect his art. 

While in the city, Grace was also able to partake in some research and development. She explored some of San Francisco’s prominent bakeries like The Mill to try their rye, wheat and white breads. All The Mill’s flour is milled fresh in the back of their storefront. As one of the city’s well-known bakeries, we love its humble beginning as one man baking in a little oven in his backyard. Grace also tried pastries at both Craftsman, Wolves and Tartine. And with a little inspiration from class, Grace went to Outerlands and tried their fermented oat porridge bread. She also was able to chat with the baker at Outerlands and asked her about some of the bread baking practices they use at the restaurant. 

We are so happy Grace was able to bring her new skills and inspiration to our kitchen. We can’t wait to share her bread with our clients. 

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