Lake Tahoe Wedding Food Trends


Not only is it most important for our food to taste great, it is just as important for it to look great. The Butter + Salt team takes pride in the presenting the perfect plate. We strive to have guests not only enjoy the food they’re eating, but love that way it looks. 

With each event and wedding, we look for ways for guests to interact with their meal - and in a way, play with their food. For the same reason we love family-style meals where guests can mix and mingle while dining, we love inventive food presentations to also get guests chatting. 

Over the summer, we crafted some wonderful food displays for our Reno and Lake Tahoe weddings. We love when our clients let us experience with presentation in an effort to make their meal memorable. First, we created the churrascaria. Guests simply choose the protein they fancy by sliding it off the suspension, then pairing it with one of our sauces. This has become quite a hit at our weddings! 


We also created this amazing ice cream cone stand. And as a rule for all events we use the the ice cream cone stand, we promise to never let the ice cream run out. 

Most recently, we created this one-of-a-kind donut holder. Not only are we fortunate enough to have wonderful clients, who let us serve donuts at their wedding but they trust us to serve in such a fun way. 


We truly believe dining should be an experience. And with the help of some creative presentation, dining with Butter + Salt will be an experience. We can’t wait to cater your Reno or Lake Tahoe event!

Butter + Salt is a private chef and catering company specializing in Reno and Lake Tahoe weddings, corporate events and prepared meals. Butter + Salt offers wedding and event planning services. To learn more, please call 775-450-9111.

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