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+ What is included in the price per person?

The only additional items that will be figured into a quote is service staff and sales tax. If you’re wedding venue is more than 1 hour away from Reno, there will also be a travel fee.

+ Are plates, silverware and glassware included in the price per person?

No, but we can include rentals. Please refer to our pricing page for rental pricing options.

+ How much is service staff?

Service is extremely important to us. For most weddings we allot 1 server for every 20 guests. For plated weddings 1 server for every 10 guests. Our staff will arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony and leave approximately 1 hour after the wedding has ended to do clean up. We pay our staff $20 per hour. So, the total service staff pricing typically will depend on your final timeline.

+ Do you set the tables, serve and clean up?

Our service staff will set up the tables with linens, glassware, plates and silverware. They will also serve and clean up until the wedding has ended.

+ Do you charge for pouring champagne or cake cutting?

No, not at all.

+ Can you also handle all of my rentals?

+ Do you provide bartending?

Yes, we can also provide signature cocktail mixes. We encourage our clients to provide the alcohol to save money.