— Lydia W.

“I wrote a previous review when my now husband and I had our tasting for our wedding. We are now freshly married and I couldn’t NOT take the time to explain here how Aubrey and Tyler made it truly, the best time of our lives. 

When I first met Aubrey and Tyler, the team that makes up Butter + Salt, I had an immediate connection. Since our tasting I began an email & text relationship with Aubrey that was, at the very least, weekly check-ins. She was always happy to indulge me when I had questions, wanted to send her pictures, or just generally talk about the love of food. By the time the wedding rolled around, I felt like I had gained a real friend. 

Aubrey and Tyler started with our rehearsal dinner - already blowing my mind. They made fancy sliders, mexican street corn, potato salad with lardons and chives, and everyone’s favorite - deep dish mixed berry pies with chamomile whipped cream (pic attached)! Everyone was already in love with them, they had absolutely killed it. What was even the point of having the wedding? OH WAIT I KNOW - TO EAT MORE OF THIS AMAZING FOOD.

Not only did they serve 4 spectacular appetizers (tuna tartare on watermelon radishes, feta and watermelon skewers, porkbelly peach sliders (pic attached), and crab hushpuppies with orange aoli), but they also served an amazing five-course dinner family-style under the stars. We had grilled steak with fresh chimichurri sauce, a beautiful seafood trio, roasted carrots with almonds & goat cheese, whipped sweet potatoes with brown butter, and OMG skillet cornbread with honey peach butter (still eating the leftover peach butter on everything).

As if all this was not enough, they really helped me out and along with the two amazing desserts (lemon bars and the BEST brownies I have had in my entire life), they made my wedding cake. It was a carrot cake and was absolutely incredible. I am still eating it for breakfast every morning. Lastly, they made the most delicious pretzel bites with beer mustard for all my guests as a late night snack (it saved everyone after the booze had been working through their system for hours).

While obviously food is important, in fact it was the most important factor of the wedding to me, Aubrey and Tyler make this much more than food. These are two people that have such an incredible energy, amazing attitudes, and are just two of the more wonderful human beings you will find to work with. They were GENUINELY happy for my husband and I, they seemed to be just as excited about the wedding as we were. 

It is rare you can find good wedding food. It is even rarer to find chefs who can execute at such a high caliber of cooking at such a large scale and stay calm and professional. It is impossible to find people THIS talented who are also the kindest, most modest and dedicated to making your “big day” something you will never forget.”

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